Why we must stand against Forced Compliance or watch as Western civilization is erased from existence right before our eyes
Just a quick post showing you what Trudeau is doing to take your rights away as LEGAL, LAW-ABIDDING FIREARMS OWNERS
This is how you should treat the people who demanded you suffer so they could feel safe
'POOF' "The Science" wins again...The biggest lie told wasn't about Covid-19, it was claiming the Flu had vanished into thin air
Faucism has ruined more first dates the past two years than Joe Biden has brain cells left. What used to be a mystery until at least the main course…
Why the cult of Covid worshippers choose the alter of propaganda, and how their emotional response we call FEAR, is actually based on LAZINESS.
When the majority of society just goes along, the progressive left conquers more and more ground destroying the English dictionary
I'm in jail for 12 hours..... you tell me if my tweet is a violation of the TOS
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Harnessing Insomnia